Posted Jan 25, 2020


Carmel Youth Baseball Fields
  • Dampierre Park Paso Hondo Carmel Valley, CA 93924
    Take Carmel Valley Road East (G16) approx 12 miles from Hwy 1 into Carmel Valley Village. Then turn right on Paso Hondo (Just past MJ Murphy Lumber). The ballpark entrance will be on your left approx. 1 mile down Paso Hondo. There is a sign indicating this that reads "Dampierre Little League Park"

  • Larson Field 3150 Rio Road Carmel, CA 93923
    Heading South on Hwy 1, take a right on Rio Road. After approx 1/2 mile, the ballparks will be on your left, adjacent to the Carmel Mission


Registration is closed.

We are off and running with Spring Training 2021! Keep reading for some reminders and updates.


As noted (and agreed to) upon registration, CYB is following CDPH guidelines for youth sports. Specifically, we are working to ensure we limit close contact and have all participants wear face coverings at all times. If a participant struggles to properly wear a face covering, they can self-excuse, or their coach will ask them to take a quick break away from others. We recognize that it can be difficult, especially if the weather warms up, to maintain compliance. This is why all partcipants can take a "mask-break" provided they do so away from others. Often, a quick drink from their water bottle is all that is needed.

Some teams are large and only have 2 coaches. If you are willing and able to help at practices, talk to your child’s coach. Be sure to follow CDPH guidelines. 

The bathrooms at Dampierre are now available and the leak has been fixed. Your coach knows where the key is located if they are locked. There is also a porta potty (provided by MPRPD) near the river and a porta potty at CMS (paid for by CYB). 

Our facility use contracts require CYB to maintain infields, bathrooms, sprinklers, water lines, sheds, provide garbage service, mow the grass, etc. If you see a need, please pitch in (including dragging fields before/after practice). The more we all volunteer, the less everyone else has to do and/or pay someone to do. You are welcome to email me ( or Matt Borek ( if you have any maintenance related questions. 

It’s great to see all of our baseball families and happy kids again! Thanks for doing your part to continue to make CYB a success in 2021 and beyond. We literally can’t do it without you!

Nate Voigtschild



CYB in Action


Hello Carmel Youth Baseball Families!

I hope this message finds you in good health and good spirits as the calendar turns to 2021. I am excited to work with an amazing group of volunteers as CYB Board of Directors for the 2021 season! Due to forces beyond our control, the 2020 season was cut short and the 2021 season is not likely to begin on time. However, the board will continue to plan, fundraise, and work on the fields to continue to provide an amazing experience for our community.

We can’t make this league work without YOU. We are all volunteers (every coach, director, field maintenance person, scorekeeper, board member, fundraiser, events planner, snack bar helper, etc.) and we will need even more of us to pitch in and help out in 2021! 

The two main areas of ongoing need are in fundraising and field maintenance. Additionally, we have openings for the following board positions: Operations Director; Bronco Director; Mustang Director; Pinto Major Director; Pinto Minor Director; Shetland Director; Snack Bar Coordinator.

Please reach out to if you are willing to lend a hand. You may also reach a specific board member by email (click here for the list).

The thought of being on the baseball field again makes me hopeful. We all miss hanging out at the park and watching our kids grow as baseball players and as people. Thank you for continuing to make Carmel Youth Baseball the best recreational youth sports league in the area! 

Respectfully and with appreciation,

Nate Voigtschild


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