Division Descriptions

Division Descriptions ­

What to Expect

Carmel Youth Baseball is a recreation-level youth baseball league. Our primary focus is to improve the whole child, as a baseball player, and more importantly, as a person. We will stress basic principles of sportsmanship, kindness, equity, and skill development.

Shetland Division ­

The Shetland Division is intended as an introduction to baseball, a chance for kids to learn the fundamentals, and more importantly, a love of the game. Teams will have a practice and game on Saturdays each week. All events will be hosted at Dampierre Field in Carmel Valley. Practices will occur approximately one hour before the start of each game. The Batting Tee is used for hitting for at least the first half of the season. Soft toss coach-pitch will typically be introduced as players develop. Because this league is designed to promote a love of the game, there is no score or outs, and all children are given equal opportunities to play the field and hit.

Pinto Minor ­

The Pinto Minor Division is designed to build upon skills attained in Shetland as well as for first time players. Our goal as a league is to see players advance their skills, knowledge, and love of the game each year. Although over hand coach pitch is introduced, soft toss and use of the batting Tee are still allowed, encouraged, and used as needed. Typically, teams will have one weekday practice and one Saturday game (2 events). As part of the league's development process, children will bat through the order in the first inning. In subsequent innings, outs will be recorded and the inning will end once 3 outs have been recorded or a team has batted through their order, whichever comes first. There is still no score and all children will play varying positions in the field.

Pinto Major ­

The Pinto Major Division is designed to better prepare players for the upcoming Mustang Division. Player pitching is introduced at this level (although limited), and some coach pitch is used when necessary. Teams will have one weekday practice and one Saturday game (2 events per week). In the later part of the season, the weekday practice may be replaced by a second game, depending on a variety of factors. Outs are recorded and innings will end when 3 outs are achieved or the team hits through its order, whichever comes first. This division is designed to take baseball development to the next level in a safe environment. As pitchers and catchers are still developing, no score will be kept. Teams are balanced through a draft selection process following a skills evaluation. The league's primary goal is to further develop the children's skills to prepare them for the next level, while further instilling their love and respect for the game and player, coach, and fan sportsmanship.

Mustang Division ­

The Mustang Division is a continuation of the development of basic baseball fundamentals, while beginning to transition to more advanced baseball specifics and putting them to use. The entire season is full player pitch baseball (no coach pitch), and this includes the introduction of umpires, called balls and strikes, outs, and a score board, as well as more advanced base­running, such as stealing bases. Pitching and catching techniques, including reacting to base runners and batters, are reinforced throughout the season. Teams are balanced through a draft selection process following a skills evaluation. Sportsmanship is the priority in the instruction at this level with the increase in competition. As always, the over­riding goal is for the players to continue to learn and grow in their baseball skills, grow in their love for baseball, and have fun. Typically, teams will have one practice a week, one weekday game, and one Saturday game (up to 3 events per week). Mustang teams may also play a limited number of games against neighboring teams (PG, Monterey, Seaside, etc).

Bronco Division ­

In Bronco, the players experience a higher level of development, building on the foundation learned in Mustang. The division moves to a larger field and the rules are less restrictive than in our younger divisions, with play approaching high school rules. However, player safety is paramount, with continued, although expanded, pitching limitations in place and appropriate for this age. As is the case for most of our divisions, each year teams are built through a draft process to insure parity. Teams are traditionally kept smaller to provide for a healthy amount of playing time, and rules are in place to ensure that every player plays in every game. Once the season gets going, Bronco teams will normally have three events a week, including two games and one practice, although some exceptions may apply. In some years, there is a possibility of a few inter­city games with local Monterey Peninsula teams.

Pony Division ­

The Pony division is the last division in Pony Baseball prior to entering high school level play. The field size moves to 80' bases and a 54' pitching distance. In high school, full major league distances of 90' bases and 60.5' pitching are used. Additional goals with this division are to grow both physical and mental baseball skills, grow the players as teammates and individuals, and to have fun. An added emphasis at this level is to get players ready for high school baseball. This may be in the form of outside coaches or clinics or more advanced on field strategies. Pony players generally have up to 3 events a week, typically including 2 games and 1 practice. At the Pony division there is an inter­city schedule with Monterey Peninsula teams. Schedules vary depending on field/inter­city team availability.

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