2019 Concussion Protocol
Posted Dec 8, 2017

If it is suspected that a player has a concussion, a 5 step process will be followed

1- Remove participant from play immediately.

2- Inform parent/guardian about possible concussion and give them information on possible concussion symptoms.

3 - Encourage parent/guardian to seek immediate evaluation by a heath care professional.   

4 - Keep participant out of play the day of the injury and until an appropriate health care professional provides a letter stating participant is ok to return to play.

5 - CYB coaches will follow a "return to play" protocol after the return of the participant. Every CYB coach and board member will go through an online training and certification on concussions. You, as a parent/guardian, are welcome to also go through the training to help educate yourself on concussions and the concerns about them. 

To access the training website click HERE (select - Concussion in sports).

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