It's easy & fun to score games! If you want to learn, we will gladly teach you!

In the Mustang division & higher, games are scored using both paper scorebooks & a mobile scoring app, called GameChanger. The app is free, and is available to download on iOS (Apple) devices from the GameChanger website. To sign in to your existing GameChanger account, or to create a new one, click here.

Each Mustang, Bronco, & Pony team is required to designate at least one Scorekeeper before the start of the season.  All new and returning Scorekeepers are required to attend a pre-season Scorekeeper Clinic held (Date/Time/Location TBA).

The CYB Scorekeeping Director will enter all team rosters & games. Scorekeepers do not need to "create" a new team in GameChanger. They will be given an invitation link once the rosters have been entered. To contact our Scorekeeping Director with any questions or concerns, click here.

It is the home team's responsibility to score each game using the GameChanger mobile app. Scorekeepers may use their own mobile device or an iPad supplied by the league at each field. GameChanger is the official game record. The visiting team is responsible to score the game in a traditional paper scorebook as backup. It's best to take a "team approach", by sitting & scoring together. And don't forget to have fun!